“Some two years ago I sustained a knee injury following a skiing accident. I could hardly walk. Peter Gray treated my injury over period of about eight weeks. During that time Peter was considerate and thorough, always listening to my views and concerns of what seemed to work and what did not. I found his personal and individualised approach refreshing. Above all what I really valued from Peter’s treatment was the series of exercises that he advised me to regularly do in order to strengthen the knee and prevent further pain. I do these regularly now and  I have fully recovered and have not had the need for any treatment since.  Thanks Peter.” — Dr Norman Lucas, West Norwood.

“Having had chronic back problems for over a decade and having seen countless practitioners, Peter has by far out-performed them all. Previous practitioners often left me with the feeling that I had wasted my time and money due to half-hearted repetitive treatment, but Peter’s calm, professional, calculated approach to each session makes it a welcome addition to my weekly schedule. As far as results are concerned, Peter quickly found the root cause of my problems and each session yields significant improvement which has definitely continued over time” – Alex, Clapham North

“I have benefited enormously from the series of osteopathic treatment sessions I had with Peter Gray. His work connected with the processes of my pain and its causes, which stem from a chronic spine injury. I highly recommend his deep, communicative and knowing touch, and his holistic approach to the whole being. Certainly he has a very mature and precise way of working with conditions as they are in the present moment, which is not found easily anywhere else” – Isabel, Yoga Instructor

“I sought an emergency appointment with Peter Gray after sustaining a neck injury in late 2012. He was able to fit me into his schedule at short notice, conducting a thorough consultation. The initial session provided instant relief from the acute pain I was experiencing. In a short series of follow-up sessions Peter was able to identify the source of the problem – scar tissue from a previous skiing injury coupled with poor posture at work. By balancing deep manipulation with occupational advice and home exercises, I made a speedy recovery and continue to improve my core strength and posture. I am confident that Peter’s treatment and advice will enable me to avoid a recurrence of this problem in the future.” — Jo Webster, TV Producer

“Peter Gray has been a tremendous help in my recovery from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). As a freelance computer professional I came to him with an array of complaints in my back, neck, arms, wrists and elbows. Before I saw Peter, I had read books on RSI and had massage and acupuncture which relieved some symptoms but the pain was still there despite reducing my working hours. In the first session, Peter took the time to do a thorough examination, which lead to a clear diagnosis and he treated me on the spot with a variety of techniques. Now, after only three sessions, my symptoms have reduced by 80% and I have returned to full-time working. So, no wonder really that I can highly recommend Peter” – Maeve, Copywriting and Design

“Peter has been a godsend. I had previously seen a chiropractor for intermittent back problems and was aware that stress is a trigger for me. While studying for important final exams I experienced a new problem with pain from my back down into my leg. Peter was thorough from the outset, taking full notes and checking over everything before beginning a course of manipulation and acupuncture. After a few sessions things had significantly improved and with his advice on lifestyle, exercise and pain management, I am now pain free and know what to do if I get a minor flare-up. One of the best things is how Peter makes you feel he has all the time in the world for you, unlike my experience with the chiropractor! I definitely feel I got more than my money’s worth and honestly cannot recommend Peter enough” – Louise Clark, Clapham

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